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Collapsible Shot Glass
Collapsible Shot Glass

Collapsible Shot Glass

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There are several of us who grew up in scouting programs, where the motto is Be Prepared. As such, we carry our Swiss Army knives and a home emergency kit and all that good stuff. Unfortunately, there's no program that teaches you how to be prepared as an adult. You know what we mean. What happens when you're at your favorite fan convention, gaming and schmoozing, and someone whips out a bottle of something delicious?

You, geek friend, will be prepared if you have the collapsible shot glass on your person. Just pop it open and you're ready to imbibe just over 2 ounces of whatever liquid heaven is being poured. When you're done, just rinse it out and pop it closed again. And always remember, we love you chuckleheads, so drink responsibly.

Product Specifications

  • Shot glass is completely collapsible and portable
  • Holds 60 mL (just over 2 ounces) of beverage
  • Made of stainless steel
  • We love you. Drink responsibly.